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Everything you need to make Anything Sweet!

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Everything you need to make something sweet

  • Easter Baking Treats

    easter baking recipes

    If you’re looking for fun Easter treats to bake with friends and family this bank holiday, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up our favourite Easter Baking tools with all essential decorating inspiration for everything you need to make Easter treats that taste as good as they look.


    Easter Cookie Cutters

    easter cookie cutters

    Easter Cookie Cutter Set.(pictured top right)

    Our set of Easter Cutters can be used for cookies and biscuits and feature child friendly edges for safety. This set is a failsafe investment to create the most spectacular cookies. Shapes include a bunny head, a rabbit, a chick, an egg and a tulip flower.

    Buy the set here for just £4.99


    Floppy bunny. (pictured top left)

    The Eddingtons Floppy Bunny Cutter is ideal for making more elaborately decorated bunny cookies or biscuits.

    Buy the Pink Floppy Bunny Cutter here for just £2.99.

    View our full range of cutters here.

    Images (clockwise from left): Peggy Porschen Cakes,, stephanie le | i am a food blog,


    Easter Chocolate Molds

      easter chocolate molds

    3D Bunny Basket Chocolate molds are perfect for making show stopping creations with minimal effort. Our seasonal favourite from Wilton features an incredible amount of detail and the basket can be filled with whatever delights take your fancy - we love mini eggs!

    Buy the Wilton 3D Bunny Basket Mold for just £2.75.


    3D Easter Bunny Mold Create a talking point of your dessert table centre piece with our 3D Easter Bunny Mold kit. We only have a couple left so get yours quick!

    Buy the 3D Easter Bunny Mold for just £8.00.


    Chocolate Spoons Get in the Easter spirit with all things chocolate using our fantastic chocolate spoon molds. These are perfect with desserts such as lemon moose or to indulge even further with chocolate desserts.

    Buy the CA Chocolate Spoon Silicone Mold for just £4.50.


    View our full range of Chocolate molds here.


    Easter Baking Decoration

      easter baking decorations

    Easter Mix Sprinkles The Wilton Easter Sprinkle Mix features 6 different types of sprinkles to adorn and decorate your Easter treats. From bunny and ducks to eggs and a fun springtime mix.

    Buy Easter Baking Sprinkles for just £6.99.


    Easter Cupcake Decorating 12 piece Set Decorate your Easter bakes like a pro with Wilton’s Easter Decorating Set featuring everything you need including tips and tricks to use the tools.

    Buy the Decorating Set for just £12.99.

      easter baking decorations 2 Images:, Safest Choice Eggs.

    Easter Ribbon

    easter ribbon We have a wide range of Easter themed ribbons, ideal for presenting your Easter bakes or wrapping round your traditional or alternative Simnel cake.

    Buy the Easter Babies Ribbon for £1.55.

    Buy the Easter Stripe Cake Ribbon for £0.95p.

    Buy the Easter Satin Cake Ribbon available in green, purple and blue for £1.99.


    Easter Treat Packaging

    easter baking packaging

    To give away your treats as presents, why not gift them in Easter themed packaging such as our Easter Party Bags, Treat Boxes or Basket Bags.

    Buy the Easter Party Bags, get them in packs of 20 for just £2.79.

    Buy the Wilton Easter Treat Box for just £4.49.

    Buy the Wilton Basket Bag Kits for just £4.99.

  • Alternative Simnel Cakes

    Alternative simnel cake recipes

    If you’re looking for alternative recipes to the traditional Easter Simnel Cake, then this is the blog post for you. We’ve scoured the world of cake bloggers and found the most delectable alternative Easter Cake recipes out there for you to recreate at home. Whether you’re a chocolate lover or crème egg fiend, we’ve got a recipe for every kind of cake lover out there – which one is your favourite?


    For Chocolate Lovers: The Chocolate Easter Nest Egg Cake


    Why we love it: Its show stopping egg nest will have your family and friends begging for a slice and they will definitely be asking for seconds.

    What Tools you’ll need from Cake Accessories:

    Chocolate Egg Nest Cake To view the original recipe, please visit here.


    For Crème Egg Fiends: The Crème Egg Cheesecake Cake


    Why we love it: If there’s a new way to celebrate the crème egg, we’ll try it and who doesn’t love a combination of two desserts?

    What Tools you’ll need from Cake Accessories:

    Creme Egg Cheesecake Cake To view the original recipe, please visit here.


    For the Easter Bunny Fans: Easter Carrot Cakes


    Why we love it: Easter is a fantastic excuse to get more creative with a Carrot Cake and we love this easy to make yet sure to impress presentation.


    What Tools you’ll need from Cake Accessories:

    Easter Carrot Cake To view the original recipe, please visit here.


    For the Decorators: Easter Lamb Cake


    Why we love it: This is one to really test your piping skills and the satisfaction you’ll get from the finished creation – well, no one will be eating it that’s for sure!


    What Tools you’ll need from Cake Accessories:

    Easter Lamb Cake To view the original recipe, please visit here.


    For the Family Baker: Easter Cake Pops


    Why we love it: Cake pops are brilliant fun for all the family and are made super easy using our silicone moulds and our Wilton Dip-n-Decorate Essentials set.


    What Tools you’ll need from Cake Accessories:

    Easter egg Cake pops To view the original recipe for basic cake pops, please visit here. For decorating tips, please click here.


    Which Alternative Easter Cake will you be trying out? Send in your pictures to our Facebook page!

  • Roses & Mother's Day

    There is something about roses that warms the heart with their sheer beauty and delicate petals that just seem perfect for Mother's Day. Its Mothering Sunday in the UK this week and cakes all over are transformed with pretty hues & soft colors reminiscent of a mother's tender & gentle nurturing love for her children. Pretty fondant & modelling chocolate roses adorn cakes, cupcakes, cake pops & chocolates. No matter what your skill level even the most basic home made swirled rose is made that much more special when it is home made from the heart. Made from the heart & enjoyed from the heart! Whether you are making something for your own Mum or getting the kids involved in making something for their Mum, Nan, Gran or Special Friend. A rose of any size just adds a finishing flourish to any treat, be it sweet or savory, cakes, breakfast, dessert or pastry have a go at making your own! You won't be sorry you tried and it truly is easier than you think - promise!Savory roses have long been a favorite adorning banqueting tables & feasts for centuries!
    There are different styles of fondant roses from the basic swirled or rolled up rose made using a strip of fondant or modelling chocolate tightly rolled up to form pretty roses.
    For more delicate petals it is easier to get the paper thin pretty edges if you thin out the edges by rubbing with pressure on the edges you want to curl. So taking small balls of fondant using a ball tool, back of a spoon to flatten into circles or place the ball of fondant in a plastic sleeve and press into shape with your thumb or finger. Wrap the petals round to form a central bud and keep adding petals to form a rose in full bloom.
    We love this inspiring cake from Wilton which shows using single fondant rose petals to cover the surface with a floral flourish in the centre giving this cake a beautiful tasteful elegance. More details available on the Wilton website just search for Mother's day cakes.
    Alternatively a single rose on top of a tastefully decorated cupcake can be just as beautiful with the added benefit of less calories for the health conscious Mum. We love the beautifully elegant simplicity of these gorgeous cupcakes by Beautiful Ambiance.
    These pretty cupcakes from Wilton show that even larger roses can look amazing on top of cupcakes. Dust with a little edible pearl dust for that added sheen.
    Chocolate roses not only taste good but are delicious too seen here on Wilton's Valentines Cake.
    So whether you decide to draw flowers with edible felt tips on a cookie, buy a bunch of flowers,cut slices of an apple or roll some bacon or a tomato skin to form a rose. Make this Mother's Day special and step out of your comfort zone a little & you will be amazed what you can achieve when you just give it a go... and whatever you do it will be just perfect as it is always the thought that counts!
  • We're on a roll...

    It's getting colder by the day & with this cold rainy weather it is the perfect time to get baking. The family are all indoors & appetites are increasing, if you have teenagers then you know it takes a little more effort to satisfy their growing appetites. So some pastries, rolls & heart warming pies go a long way to stretching meals and filling any gaps. Wilton 20Inch Non Stick Rolling Pin With this in mind we are reviewing our rolling pins. We have a good selection of rolling pins on offer in a range of types & sizes of rolling pins. Rolling pins range in size from a smaller 6" which is useful for smaller tasks to the large Wilton's 20" Wide Glide Smooth Polyethylene Rolling Pin which is the ideal size for rolling larger sheets of fondant & pastry and its smooth slender shape make it not only easy to use, but easy to clean & store too. With a little cornflour or confectioners sugar, its smooth seamless finish makes it non-stick. If you feel more comfortable with a rolling pin that rotates & has handles then the Wilton 12" Rolling pin could be the perfect seamless rolling pin for you, slighter heavier & bulkier which although it feels more solid and easier to exert pressure, it does take up more space to store. This 12" rolling pin is however completely top shelf dishwasher safe and as the handles detach it is easy to clean. I know wood is charming & has a genuine homely rustic feel, yet with the wooden rolling pins they tend to discolour and tarnish. The wear & tear is dependant on the type of wood used and the finish meaning some of the wooden rolling pins may not last as long. On the positive side they are completely natural & depending on your budget you may not mind replacing them on a regular basis. They are  so easy to discard and kind to the environment too as your old unwanted wooden utensils make ideal firewood. The smaller PME 6" rolling pin is nifty, small, smoothe & lightweight making it perfect for smaller modelling sugarcraft work such as making flowers out of gum paste & fondant or molding with modelling chocolate. The Wilton 9" is slightly larger so still easy to store and has the added advantage of coming with its own guide rings which is good for getting an even finish when rolling out smaller pieces of fondant & pastry . We now stock the lightweight Deluxe Rolling Pin with Silicone cover.A lot more affordable  with its lightweight design & seamless finish makes this rolling pin good value for money & is great for everyday use & is very popular with the younger chefs too. A rolling pin is as uniquely enjoyed as a favourite box of chocolates, everyone has their own personal favourite. Whichever you choose may you have many hours of happy baking!
  • Welcome to Cake Accessories

    Welcome to our new blog here at Cake Accessories. Watch this space for all the latest news and updates.

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